Thursday, September 14, 2017

Soccer, School and Skylines

internet photo...I should
try one of these, though... :)
Hello, Family!!

Somehow September not only started, but is half over...?!? Not quite sure how that happened. I stay on top of Teresa's blog, then I forget about our family one.

School has started, as of last week. Usually we start right after Labor Day, and that's what we did this year. Kara is a SENIOR, can you believe that!! I did get a photo before she jumped in the car that first morning. They write on their windows so the school had lots of "2018" on lots of windows that first day.
Kara's "First Day" as a SENIOR!

I am tutoring 2 days at 2 different elementary schools, like I have in the past. Basically 1 day at each Elementary School. We need to do a little more testing, with new kids, but the schedule is under way.

Kara has started soccer, and they won their game last night! She plays defense on the varsity team, and will play about 2 games a week, now, for the next 2 months. I got a couple of pictures of her playing yesterday...

David "stopped in" for a few days, then he was off again to BYU! He had a wonderful collection of experiences this summer, in and around Milan, and then Eastern Europe. He finished in London, one of my very favorite places. Classes have started for him in Provo. Hi and Bye--Can't wait to see you at Christmas, David!

Frank is in NYC for part of this week.

forming a 'wall' for a corner kick
Frank was not doing anything
glamorous--just meetings. This is
from a couple of years ago...But
I really do need to get back there,
to take some more pics :)

Hurricane Irma went through David and Diane's backyard...well maybe not exactly, but MUCH TOO CLOSE at any rate! They spent the week securing their house, then drove a LOT of hours to get to Dot's, (family member in Valdosta, GA)...yes, where they helped her prepared HER house for the same storm, and then it passed by HER house! Ugh. Unpredictable storm path, of course.
Internet Photo but I don't know how ANY trees
survive wind like that :(

But, she reports that they are home now, and did not get flooded. They lost a few tiles on the roof, and they also lost their banana tree in the backyard. Bummer, but we are relieved that's "all" it was.

(also Internet photo. Awesome Monument!)
I'm listening to a book on cd, on my way to school and all around town, about Abraham Lincoln's speeches and his path to President. Much of my knowledge of him centers around him as President, the Civil War and the Gettysburg Address. He actually had a career before that, too! Ha. Very interesting.

I've been trying to average 10K steps a day, to stay healthy and be part of an exercise plan with Frank's work.

We've had some beautiful days this week! Sunny and high 70s, for temps. THAT's why I'm trying to get in my 10,000 steps a day :) :)

Hope your week is going well! I'll sign off with a couple of pics I took this month, simply For Your Enjoyment:
One of the yards that backs up to the trail
I to the RR tracks,
which take us to the library

Wayland Library -- this is the "short end,"
by the parking lot. Love the ivy on the walls!